Barbie and Ken 'Split' After 43 Years

Just like J.Lo and Ben, the romance is over for Barbie and Ken. After 43 years as one of the world's prettiest pairs, the perfect plastic couple is breaking up. The couple's "business manager," Russell Arons, vice president of marketing at Mattel, said that Barbie and Ken "feel it's time to spend some quality time — apart."

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I think the real story can be found by watching for Ken in the San Francisco wedding announcements.

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Travelers often have to depend on signs... to navigate through a town, locate their hotel, even obey the law. A scary thought if you've ever come across any of these publicly posted absurdities.

Jane and I have talked about doing a coffee table book of silly signs we encounter on our travels. This website beat us to it.

Sign here.

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Look out here comes the MS Gang

Minutes later, he showed a slide of a shirtless man. In large, bold, Gothic letters across his chest was a tattoo. "M S," it read.

Many in the audience chuckled and nodded in recognition, because the letters stand for the most notorious of the violence-prone street gangs that have infiltrated the Northern Virginia suburbs, Mara Salvatrucha 13, or MS-13.

Mastandrea moved on without ever mentioning the gang's name. For all that unenlightened audience members knew, the letters may have stood for multiple sclerosis or the alternative to Mrs. and Miss.

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MS Simulator

"This unique feature allows those without MS to experience some of the problems associated with the condition."

Try it here.

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Wife jailed for stabbing husband

"Jacqueline Hodgson, from Telford, had already admitted plunging a kitchen knife into the chest of 47-year-old John, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard on Friday that Hodgson was her husband's devoted carer for 13 years, but snapped under intense pressure."

Read it here.

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Lonely? Hang out here...

"Sheila, of Carluke, Lanarkshire, said: "I never went on the internet looking for love. I'm the luckiest woman in the world and have been given a second chance at happiness."

The couple, who were both diagnosed with MS four years ago, will wed in the ruins of old St Kentigern's Church, Lanark, where William Wallace is said to have married Marion Braidfute in 1296."

Boy the same church as Wallace and Braidfute...

Read the rest of the story here.

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Will the next Pixar/Disney star have MS?

German researchers are building a virtual patient to predict the progression of MS

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Pregnancy Surprise: Baby Born In Family's Toilet

"I noticed in the toilet, there was something in there," he said. "I said, 'Oh my God! There's a baby in there! I can't believe it!"

And you wonder why it took so long for them to figure out you had MS....
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But wait, there's more....

A sad ending to the story:
Unexpected Baby Born In Family's Toilet Dies

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The Apostle Paul?

Here's one for you. Was Paul's 'thorn' actually MS?
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