Hookworms - A "Natural" Multiple Sclerosis Treatment?

More parasite treatments for MS.

Squirm here.

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Keep on Truckin....

In Trial, Drug Eases a Multiple Sclerosis Symptom - NYTimes.com.

A drug developed by Acorda Therapeutics improved the walking ability of some people with multiple sclerosis in a clinical trial, doctors reported Thursday. The results could lead to approval of the first drug to treat a specific symptom of the disease.

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More Worms

In 2004, David Pritchard applied a dressing to his arm that was crawling with pin-size hookworm larvae, like maggots on the surface of meat. He left the wrap on for several days to make sure that the squirming freeloaders would infiltrate his system.

“The itch when they cross through your skin is indescribable,” he said. “My wife was a bit nervous about the whole thing.”

Squirm here.

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How to Nap - The missing manual



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Another benefit of world travel...

Let's get dirty! Parasites may actually prevent or cure MS and other autoimmune disorders.

In the early 1990s, Joel Weinstock, a gastroenterologist, encountered a puzzle. The prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease (I.B.D.) across North America increased markedly during the 20th century. Many thought that “bad” genes would eventually explain the spike, but Weinstock didn’t buy it. In areas where fewer than two generations ago the I.B.D. incidence might have been as low as 1 in 10,000, it was now 1 in 250. A defective gene couldn’t spread that quickly, he reasoned. It had to be something in the environment. But what? Stumped, Weinstock tried turning the question around. Instead of asking what triggered I.B.D., he asked what, before the 20th century, protected against it?

Ingest it here in the NY Times.

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Acorda, Elan drug improves walking for MS patients

Acorda Therapeutics Inc. (ACOR.O: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Monday it will seek U.S. marketing approval early next year for the first medicine to improve walking among patients with multiple sclerosis, following highly favorable results of a second late-stage study.

Walk, wooble or roll here.

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Bladder Issues with Multiple Sclerosis

Bladder and bowel issues can be a symptom of multiple sclerosis. Sometimes the issues are constant and sometimes they are intermittent.

From about.com.

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Solid evidence that best treatment for multiple sclerosis is pregnancy

For years, doctors have suggested the best treatment for multiple sclerosis is pregnancy. Now, an Oregon study is delivering solid evidence to support the theory.

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center have uncovered the mechanism by which estrogen, produced in high volumes during pregnancy, boosts the expression and number of regulatory cells that are key to fighting MS and other autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis and diabetes.

One treatment I guess I won't be on. More here,

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Wunago -- Your guide to Wheelchair Accessible Travel -- www.wunago.com

Contrary to rumor, Wunago is not an ancient tribe of wheelchair warriors. The name "Wunago" comes from a desire many people with disabilities have. They "want to go" places and see new things and experience everything life has to offer. Based on his personal travel experiences,l LorenlWorthingtonlrecognized that travel is far less stressful if you have a clear understanding of what type of accessibility lies ahead. More over, when you hear about a great place to visit that offers a wheelchair-friendly environment, you have a tendency to go explore.

Travel here.

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Q & A: M.S. in the Heat

Why does heat bring out symptoms of M.S. in a patient who is usually asymptomatic?

Answer here. (registration required)

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