Acorda, Elan drug improves walking for MS patients

Acorda Therapeutics Inc. (ACOR.O: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Monday it will seek U.S. marketing approval early next year for the first medicine to improve walking among patients with multiple sclerosis, following highly favorable results of a second late-stage study.

Walk, wooble or roll here.

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Elan shares dive on drug setback

Shares in Irish drugmaker Elan have plummeted once more after a third case of disease linked to Tysabri, its multiple sclerosis treatment.

Elan suspended the drug after two patients were found to have caught the rare disease, one of whom later died.

The newly revealed case - which also ended with the death of the patient - could mean Tysabri never makes it back onto the market, analysts warned.

By the close of trading, Elan shares were down 56% to 2.43 euros.

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Irish drugmaker Elan narrows quarter loss

Irish pharmaceutical company Elan Corp.'s first-quarter loss narrowed amid reduced operating expenses.

The company also said it is on track to seek approval for its highly anticipated multiple sclerosis drug, Antegren....

Elan is developing Antegren with Biogen Idec Inc., of Cambridge, Mass. In February, the two companies said they planned to file for approval of Antegren a year ahead of schedule. Biogen Idec already sells the MS drug Avonex.

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Biogen Idec, Elan to submit MS drug for European approval

Biogen Idec and Elan Corp. plc said Tuesday that they plan to submit their multiple sclerosis drug Antegren for approval in Europe.

The filing will be made to the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products in the summer of 2004.

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Central nervous system big money

Central nervous system (CNS) treatments are big business – and are growing at the fastest rate among the largest therapeutic categories. The global sales of CNS therapeutics are second only to those sold for cardiovascular ailments.

One of the fastest growing markets is in treatments for multiple sclerosis, which grew by 21 percent in 2002. Due to a frustrating history of ineffective MS treatments, doctors and patients are embracing these biotech innovations.

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Serono MS drug's U.S. expansion plan on track-CEO

Europe's biggest biotechnology company is heavily reliant on its MS drug and investors were disappointed with third-quarter U.S. sales. Serono shares have risen by around a fifth this year, closing at 890 Swiss francs on Friday.

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Biogen Idec goes into buy mode

Hope they don't forget the people that got them where they are today, us Avonex users:

Over the next two years, Biogen Idec will spend a good part of its $1.5 billion cash reserve to fill its pipeline of drug candidates. Mullen said the buying binge will, in large part, determine the success of the $6.4 billion merger, which created the country's third-largest biotech company.

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Introducing Biogen Idec, Inc.

Biogen Inc. and Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp. on Wednesday completed their planned merger, forming the third-largest biotech company after Amgen Inc. and Genentech Inc..

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Follow the new stock here. Stock symbol BIIB.

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Biogen Earnings Rise on Higher Drug Sales

"Biogen Inc. (Nasdaq:BGEN - news) said on Tuesday third-quarter earnings rose 31 percent, exceeding analysts' expectations, on increased sales of its multiple sclerosis drug, Avonex."

""Avonex sales worldwide are much better than expected, which will definitely give a psychological lift to Wall Street as Biogen prepares to complete its merger with Idec," said Jennifer Chao, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets."

Can't wait until the article reads "Avonex sales worldwide plummeted when a simple, inexpensive cure for MS was discovered. It caught the market off guard, " said Jennifer Tao, an analyst at ABC&R Capital Markets.

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I curious to see what happens to sales of Avonex next quarter. The new prefilled syringe makes me and many others sick.

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Teva Reports Q3 Net Income of $157 Million, Up 63%

"This has been yet another successful quarter, with record sales and net income, resulting from strong performance in our major markets and with our major products including Copaxone", said Israel Makov, Teva's President and CEO.

Just doing our part for the economy...

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