George Carlin

"Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out."

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Got my vote!

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

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No Fear, no frills

Liz Carr
Liz Carr: "Many people use the 'right' language, but still see me as a cripple." Photograph: Graham Turner
"There is an awkward silence as the 400-strong audience at the Komedia comedy club in Brighton watch Liz Carr make her way up a ramp at the side ofthe stage. Carr, the last of 12 stand-up comedians to take the stage,knows her entrance in a wheelchair is the cause of the tension, but she soon brings the house down with a cocktail of caustic observational gags about disability and sexuality."

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Poverty-Stricken Africans To Receive Desperately Needed Bibles

Having just returned from drought sticken East Africa this article stood out...

More than 60,000 urgently needed Bibles arrived to allay suffering throughout the famine-stricken nation of Niger Friday, in one of the largest humanitarian-relief operations ever attempted by a Christian ministry.

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The Swift Report: White House Exploring 'Rapture' Contingency Plans

The White House is reportedly exploring contingency plans in the event that President Bush and other prominent Christians are 'raptured.' But succession plans are complicated by Vice President Dick Cheney's poor health and the fact that Representative Tom DeLay, like President Bush, will be summoned to heaven along with millions of other Christians.

Rise here.

Move to Alaska quick, Uncle Ted may soon be President Ted.

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World's Scientists Admit They Just Don't Like Mice

Nearly 700 scientists representing 27 countries convened at the University of Zurich Monday to formally announce that their experimentation on mice has been motivated not by a desire to advance human knowledge, but out of sheer distaste for the furry little rodents.

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BBC - Ouch! Disability Magazine

Ouch! - the BBC's disability magazine, containing news, features, columnists, comedy and chat community, reflecting the experiences of disabled people.

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Here and Now : Jonathan Katz Lives and Laughs with MS

Jonathan Katz' life has been a real barrel of laughs. A Boston-based stand up comic, he contributed to Comedy Central's early success with the wildly popular "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist," the animated shrink to the comic stars such as Katherine O'Hara.

Jonathan Katz is also a songwriter, and a compilation of his tunes is called "Easy Listening...but Not That Easy." He co-wrote "House of Games" with David Mamet, appeared as an actor in "Daddy Day Care" and authored a book titled "To Do Lists of the Dead."

Jonathan Katz was diagnosed in 1997 with Multiple Sclorosis. Jonathan Katz joins us in the studio to talk about keeping your wits about you, and being witty, when you're diagnosed with a debilitating disease.

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The Sanctity of Marriage

Perhaps sensing that the Bob Jones University crowd might not be as motivated towards electoral politics as they would like, the Bush administration has come out of the closet supporting a Constitutional amendment to cement the status of gay and lesbian Americans as second-class citizens. Casting the amendment as necessary to protect the "sanctity of marriage," Bush has found the perfect issue to move the debate towards more comfortable ground than the war in Iraq, the economy, and his Vietnam era service record. But with each passing day, the spectacle of the ongoing celebration of love and devotion by monogamous gay couples in San Francisco is convincing more and more heterosexual Americans that married gays pose no real threat to them, or to the sanctity of their marriages. So, to avoid the perception that this amendment is really a political stunt designed by Karl Rove to mobilize Bush's base, Bush needs to go further, get out in front of the curve, and really push for getting the amendment passed. I have a few suggestions for the Bush team.

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Travelers often have to depend on signs... to navigate through a town, locate their hotel, even obey the law. A scary thought if you've ever come across any of these publicly posted absurdities.

Jane and I have talked about doing a coffee table book of silly signs we encounter on our travels. This website beat us to it.

Sign here.

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