PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE / It's a family decision

"ONLY YOU can know," my grandmother said.

After a two-year bout with multiple sclerosis, my father had rapidly deteriorated and was connected to one machine that breathed for him and another that digested for him.

For nearly a year, I sat in his room every day listening to the artificial breaths, staring at the slow drips in his IV, following the thick, milky-colored liquid traveling slowly along his feeding tube.

"Is this what he would have wanted?" I would ask my grandparents.

"Only you can know," they would say.

More here.

Link to the Alaska Advance Health Care Directive form.

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MS and Children

Kids"MS is a disease which belongs not only to the person that has it physically but to the whole family. Everyone in the family will have some adverse effect. This could be, in the case of children, that the parent can no longer be a parent in the normal sense of the word or it could be that in some way they have to do more in the family than they did before. Another problem could be that they’re embarrassed by their parent in front of their friends or even that it could be a secret that the parents have, from which the child is excluded. There’s a whole variety of things that can impact on a child in a family where there’s MS."

Being a parent of young children I read this article with interest.
Read it here.

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