Pathbreaking Comedian Richard Pryor Dies

Richard Pryor, the groundbreaking comedian whose profanely personal insights into race relations and modern life made him one of Hollywood's biggest stars, died of a heart attack Saturday. He was 65.

Pryor died shortly before 8 a.m. after being taken to a hospital from his home in the San Fernando Valley, said his business manager, Karen Finch. He had been ill for years with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease of the nervous system.

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MTV coverage here.

Richard's website declares "I Ain't Dead Yet, M!$% F%$#!" (for adults)

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The Infinite Mind: Multiple Sclerosis

"The difference between those who get well and those that don’t comes down to those that take this disease as a catastrophe rather than an opportunity do not get well."

Emily Mann

In this hour, we explore the chronic neurological disease Multiple Sclerosis. Guests include Dr. Randall Schapiro, founder and director of the Fairview Multiple Sclerosis Center and Minneapolis Clinic Multiple Sclerosis Program; Dr. Patricia O'Looney, director of biomedical research programs at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society; Barbara Paley-Israel, a writer who was diagnosed with MS in 1986 and has become an advocate for people with the disease; social worker Deborah Miller, Director of Comprehensive Care at the Mellen Center for MS Treatment and Research, part of The Cleveland Clinic; TONY award-winning director and playwright Emily Mann; and special commentator Zoe Koplowitz, author of Winning Spirit: Life Lessons Learned in Last Place.

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Great program, listen to it more than once.
This is from the weekly radio program, The Infinite Mind, find it on your local public radio station.

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BBC - Ouch! Disability Magazine

Ouch! - the BBC's disability magazine, containing news, features, columnists, comedy and chat community, reflecting the experiences of disabled people.

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ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games

Athens welcomed the 12th Paralympic Games with a spectacular Opening Ceremony, which was held in the Olympic Stadium. The impressive lighting of the Stadium’s Cauldron by G. Toptsis signaled the start of the Games, on 17 September.

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Freedom Machines, the PBS documentary to be broadcast on the award-winning P.O.V. series

Freedom Machines is scheduled for broadcast September 14, 2004 on the PBS award-winning series POV. The film plugs the viewer into the largely unrealized power represented by assistive technology (AT) through the stories of an intriguing group of people, who are achieving exceptional things through their desires for ordinary lives.

I don't watch much TV, but if you do check this out.

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Lawmakers Write to 'West Wing' Character

People, it's just a television show.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rep. John McHugh are picking a fight with the fictional "West Wing" over a scene aired Wednesday night in which an aide discussed closing a real-life New York military base.

And remember, the President doesn't really have MS, although that could explain the cognitive problems.

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Talk show host shares his bout with MS in new book.

"One of the things that I have been so afraid to talk about with people is that … I'm one of these people that are in this five percent category of MS. I have extreme neuralgia which is nerve pain." He pauses again. "Though I try not to think about it I'm in pain 24 hours a day, everyday. The level of that pain goes up and down."

More from our favorite pot smoker here.

Check out the book here.

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Comedy Central to Air Pryor Special

"It's not a B.S. didn't-he-USED-to-be-great tribute. It's a funny (expletive) show. I may have MS, but I ain't dead yet, (expletive)," Pryor said in a statement Tuesday.

$#%$# it here.

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Author speaks of 'MS scandal'

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has spoken of the pain of losing her mother to multiple sclerosis (MS) and her anger at what she sees is a lack of care for sufferers in Scotland.

Read more from the BBC here and here.

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Hollywood Composer Michael Kamen Dies at Age 55

Oscar-nominated composer, conductor and arranger Michael Kamen, one of Hollywood's most sought-after musicians, died at age 55 on Tuesday after suffering from multiple sclerosis for several years, members of his family said.

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