Biogen Idec Lobbying Efforts

I pay about $1,800 a month for Avonex. Here's one way Biogen spent $1.2 million, paying lobbying firms.

Pharmaceuticals spent $226,999,560 on lobbying last year.

All I can say is F*CK Them!

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Second death may doom multiple sclerosis drug

Cambridge life-sciences company Biogen Idec Inc. last night was plunged deeper into crisis by news that yet another patient taking its troubled Tysabri drug had died of the rare condition PML.     

That's the third patient discovered to have developed PML, a neurological disorder, while taking Tysabri and the second to die from the disease. ``This is a worst-case scenario,'' Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Geoffrey Porges said last night. ``There is now a 1-in-10 chance that this drug ever comes back.''

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FDA, Biogen Warn Over MS Drug Avonex

Biogen Idec's multiple sclerosis drug Avonex can cause severe liver damage, U.S. regulatory officials and the company warned on Wednesday, the latest in a series of blows to MS patients.

More here.

I'm not sure this is news to us, but it's more bad news for Biogen.

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Biogen, Elan Voluntarily Withdraw MS Drug

More info here.

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Biogen Idec Retools After FDA Clears Drug but Not Its Moniker

It seemed as if the Food and Drug Administration liked everything about Biogen Idec's new drug for multiple sclerosis.

Early this year, the FDA encouraged Biogen Idec and its partner, Elan Pharmaceuticals, to submit an application for approval a year ahead of schedule. The companies sought clearance based on one year of data from a pair of pivotal clinical trials, instead of two years, as originally planned. The agency said it would give the experimental drug priority review, cutting four months off the wait for an answer.

The agency's Nov. 23 ruling gave the companies the go-ahead to sell the drug as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with Avonex, Biogen Idec's big-selling MS drug.

Wall Street analysts called the dual approval a home run.

But there was one thing the regulators didn't like about the new drug: the name.

More here.

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Canada warns of liver complications from beta-interferon use for MS

Health Canada is warning health-care professionals of the risks of using beta-interferon therapy for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Serious liver injury such as hepatitis has been linked to beta-interferon therapy, including three cases of liver failure that required liver transplantation, the department said in a release. Serious liver injury is considered rare, with cases mostly occurring in the early months of therapy but also in patients on therapy beyond one year, it noted.

The department reminded treating physicians they should perform periodic liver function tests, particularly in the early months of therapy, and patients receiving beta-interferon products should be aware of the signs and symptoms of liver injury.

More here.

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Central nervous system big money

Central nervous system (CNS) treatments are big business – and are growing at the fastest rate among the largest therapeutic categories. The global sales of CNS therapeutics are second only to those sold for cardiovascular ailments.

One of the fastest growing markets is in treatments for multiple sclerosis, which grew by 21 percent in 2002. Due to a frustrating history of ineffective MS treatments, doctors and patients are embracing these biotech innovations.

Read here.

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Biogen Idec goes into buy mode

Hope they don't forget the people that got them where they are today, us Avonex users:

Over the next two years, Biogen Idec will spend a good part of its $1.5 billion cash reserve to fill its pipeline of drug candidates. Mullen said the buying binge will, in large part, determine the success of the $6.4 billion merger, which created the country's third-largest biotech company.

Read it here.

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Introducing Biogen Idec, Inc.

Biogen Inc. and Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp. on Wednesday completed their planned merger, forming the third-largest biotech company after Amgen Inc. and Genentech Inc..

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Follow the new stock here. Stock symbol BIIB.

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Clinical Effects of COPAXONE(R) or Interferon Therapy Compared to Untreated RRMS Patients

The percentages of relapse-free patients in each group were: COPAXONE -- 83 percent; Avonex -- 65 percent; Rebif -- 60 percent; Betaseron -- 60 percent; no treatment -- 37 percent.

Adriana Carra, M.D., Department of Neurology, Hospital Britanico de Buenos Aires, Argentina, spoke about the results. "It is clear that immunomodulatory therapy is beneficial in the long-term treatment of relapsing-remitting patients compared to no treatment. Our data are similar to those observed in other studies published or presented."

Read it here.

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