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McCain doesn't support Community Choice Act

Members of the  Atlantis Community CIL and Denver ADAPT met with the Republican presumptive presidential candidate John McCain at a Town Hall Meeting today. Six members of ADAPT, including teenagers from the Summer Youth Program, sat in the front of the auditorium to listen to McCain's policies for his administration. When he took comments from the audience he handed the microphone to Dawn Russell. She explained the legislation called the Community Choice Act and asked him why he was not signed on. Mr. McCain stated he would not support the legislation.  He then offered several poor reasons for his decision and ended by saying we would have to let the voters decide that one. Having recaptured the microphone, he did state he supported the ADA, but had no interest in hearing that the ADA was entirely different from the CCA.

ADAPT encourages you to attend McCain's campaign events and continue to challenge him to support the CCA!  Show him disability rights supporters across the USA believe in real choice, believe in CCA and believe he needs to do the same.  CCA supports family values, it supports putting control in the hands of the individual instead of Government, it supports states' ability to use limited Medicaid funds for community services which people prefer and which are more cost effective.  These are all consistent with Republican values, as well as consistent with American values.

Presumptive Presidential Candidate Barak Obama has signed on as a co-sponsor to the bill already.

Distributed to CIL list at the request of Marsha Katz, Montana ADAPT

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