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What Makes an Alaskan?

Most of those I met who live in Alaska first went there for a week, or a month, or the summer — and never left.

Alaskans are individualists. And sometimes they're second-chancers.

They don't like to be bothered with rules and other people's restrictions. But in Alaska, among these loners, there's a real sense of community.

"We go our own ways; we come together," Smith said. "And there's a sense of — I think maybe of building something. So each of our talents will be pooled with another independent person's talents, and we grow something we couldn't have as individuals."

The state of Alaska, population still listed at fewer than 700,000 hardy souls, will be a half-century old come January. It'll be cold, then. And that seems fitting.

Read or listen to the NPR story here.
I came up for the summer 30 years ago, it's been a long wild summer...

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