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Internet cafe opens for disabled users

Link: Internet cafe opens for disabled users.

The Good Bytes Cafe has stained concrete floors, jars of scones and a small bank of computers in the corner, making it much like any Internet cafe.

But the computers — outfitted with a joystick mouse, magnifying software and equipment allowing people to point and click with their eye movements — make Good Bytes one of just a handful nationwide specifically designed for disabled users.

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Governor's jet to be sold on eBay

Jet_1With an eBay account and about $2.5 million, you too can fly in the state jet that cost former Gov. Frank Murkowski so much political pain in his failed re-election campaign.

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It doesn't appear to be posted to eBay yet.

Buy here.

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Of late, death has seized too many of Alaska's remaining giants

The unique nature of Alaska comes not from the beauty of it's land but from the independant nature of it's people. Traveling in Botswana, Africa I met a British couple that had spent two weeks in Alaska and met one 'local'. That's like visiting an art musum with your eyes closed.

I meet Herbie in 1980 after one of his legendary Iditarod sprints. Susan's daughter is in dance with my daughter, we worked stage crew on the Nutcracker just two Decembers ago. Most Alaskan's could probably tell you a story or two about these folks, they will be greatly missed.

"Statistics don't exist for this kind of thing, but Alaska must lead the nation when it comes to living legends. The state is young enough that some of its first leaders and explorers are still around. Its vastness and mystique act like a magnet for the kind of people who become legends. Its remoteness and hostile climate inspire the resourcefulness and resiliency that produce legends.

We walk with giants because they walk with us."

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Got cash to spare? Starting soon, Gates Foundation will accept it

This year the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation accepted its largest pledge ever — more than $30 billion from a high-powered investor named Warren. Next year it will accept its smallest — $35 from a 7-year-old girl named Olivia.

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