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Representative not giving up seat because of multiple sclerosis

State Rep. Dan Stevenson, a Democrat from Highland, said he was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but doesn't plan to retire from the Indiana House of Representatives.

Stevenson, who is unopposed in the November election, said he expects to keep up with the busy pace of the 2007 legislative session by using treatments for the disease, which affects the central nervous system.

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Can a vitamin alleviate chronic, progressive multiple sclerosis?

Researchers have found a possible way to protect people with multiple sclerosis (MS) from severe long-term disability: increase nervous-system levels of a vital compound, called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), by giving its chemical precursor.

More at www.childrenshospital.org.

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Disabled Activists Win Battle for Independent Care

Earlier this summer, federal officials announced what they call the boldest change in the way the government pays for long-term care since the invention of Medicare and Medicaid. Washington will now provide $2 billion to states that help people leave a nursing home - instead of paying for them to live in one.

That decision came because of a highly unlikely alliance between a group of disabled activists in wheelchairs who came to Washington trying to get themselves arrested at the White House gates -- and the Bush administration aide who ended up listening to them.

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