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Mountain climber takes on challenge of multiple sclerosis

Maggie Schneider wasn't sleeping well. Her head ached; her stomach rumbled. She was more than halfway into a 39-mile trek up Mt. Everest with a leg left numb by multiple sclerosis.

At 11,000 feet, she decided to put off taking the injection that would help her.

"I will postpone my shot until we get to another rest day in three days. That is only two days late, so that will work," she wrote in an e-mail to her husband, Paul, from Namche Bazaar, a regional trading center almost halfway up the mountain.

She gets flu-like symptoms for 24 hours after the shots and wanted to delay that until she could rest, she said, shrugging off the choice during an interview at her office at the University of Pittsburgh, where she is an adviser.

I'm always adjusting my "Avonex" days. The day after is always so unpredictable.

Climb higher here.

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