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Her art is painstaking, personal

With the help of friends and volunteers, a Spring Hill woman, battling multiple sclerosis, is producing an independant film of her self-published novelette.

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Date :24-05-2005
To : socity
Mrs/mr dear
I send for your socity email with this aim and motto that help and service to mankind dose not have limit and border.
I am mrs Marjan Ashrafi Moghadam from iran . I am 26 years old and I was teacher .
I married two last years my husband is eng. We do not have child we lives in esfahan-iran .
I have multiple sclorocic but knew about this ill after diagnose I know that I had this ill three last years befor diagnose .I had multiple sclorocic but doctors couldnot diagnose . three last years I had problem to my hand and my leg I could not move my leg as well as after walking for 30 minutes I had to sitdown .I went to hospital but I did not have result and doctors told me that my problem is about spine and my waist ……. and never mind …!!!!!
How can I do ?woh is responsible ? I do not know !!!

After 3 years I was tired and I could not find my problem all doctors told me that my problem is phisicy .one day all my body was without sens and I could not shake my leg and my hand all things finished and my husband tooke me to hospital and after two day and did MRI they found that I have multiple sclerosis.
I think that one of resonance this ill is environment and social problem and personal problem that most effect is about person and sensitive problem this problem caused ill .
After I used Amantadine , Vitamin B1 , Vitamin D , floci acid 1, FLUXETINE 10 , IMIPRAMINE 10, SIMVASTATIN 20 mg , Baclofen 10
I used all this drugs about two years and I went to hospital too much but I did not get result and my condition was too much bed and I could not walking after 30 minuets .
ofcours I used rebif for 2 mounts but doctors told me that did not use because every day my problem was worse and I had too much problem my leg after used . after doctor told me that you did not use rebif and you must use AVONEX .
and I used AVONEX for 6 mounts and every day I was worse and I could not move my leg after use and I had a problem after use .
Of course here medicin is too much expensive with no feasibility and me and my husband have social problem and environmently problem .i am membership socity multiple sclerosis in my city but here is not feasibility and no support and insurence we do not know how do we do ?
at the present time I using only one amantadine everyday and I do not go to hospital .

I want to know about your socity and can I membership your socity ?and I want to know about this medicine that I used . this pills and drugs is relation with my problem .
We are happy for you and other staff that tring for other people that have multiple sclerosis. we send best thanksgiving for you and other staff .
we hope that can do for your socity .
with kind regard
my Email : momarj214@yahoo.co.uk
mrs Marjan Ashrafi Moghadam
mr Mohammad Eskandari


Posted by: marjan ashrafi moghadam at May 26, 2005 2:41:26 AM