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MS, in film and fiction

Dr. Richard Pellegrino of Hot Springs has a big personality, and he’s using it to achieve a big goal. The energetic, funny and outgoing neurologist has put his medical mind to work on movie making and mystery writing, all for the cause of promoting an understanding of multiple sclerosis.

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Authentic Women's Sports Magazine Started by Woman with Multiple Sclerosis

Readers won’t find a “thinner thighs in thirty days” or “sculpt a better butt” article in Dandelion magazine. Instead, Dandelion focuses on the strength, confidence, and joy women find through outdoor adventure, sports, and travel. Michelle Theall, a former Women’s Sports   Fitness Magazine alumni and the founder of Dandelion, realized that a huge market segment was being ignored...

...The title launched in spring of 2003, just as Theall learned that she had Multiple Sclerosis. “It’s ironic, isn’t it?” Theall says. “Yet, having a disease that threatens my ability to remain active has only increased my determination to do so. I have no guarantees that what I can physically do this year, I’ll be able to do next. But none of us do. So, the message is that life is short, and we need to get the most from it.”

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