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So Totally Harsh

Back in 1998, Stormy Ray was medical marijuana's mascot. When reporters wanted a flesh-and-blood argument in favor of that fall's initiative making Mary Jane a legal medicine for ailing Oregonians, proponents steered them to the 48-year-old, wheelchair-bound woman. Ray starred in wrenching TV commercials, describing how cannabis eased the agony of her multiple sclerosis.

Her barnstorming paid off: Oregon voters approved medical marijuana by a margin of more than 100,000 votes. Six years (and more than 10,000 registered medical-marijuana patients) later, Ray is back on the political warpath. But this time she's battling against former allies in the medicinal-pot movement.

Ray is actively opposing Measure 33, an initiative that would legalize marijuana "dispensaries," nonprofit shops and farms that could sell "the medicine" to registered patients or to each other. Under the 1998 law, patients or designated caregivers can grow and trade their own, but no one may buy or sell marijuana.

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