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Politics and Spin

I hate election years. It is when we get to teach our kids about half truths, lies, distortions and try to explain why people that do these things should be our next President, Senator... We have people like these as role models for our kids and we wonder what the problem is? And party lines don't matter, Greens, Democrates and Republicans all equally give you half truths and distortions.

I have nothing but respect for those who run for office, I'd never do it, but at some point 95% of them become compete scum, or maybe they just end up surrounding themselves with scum, I don't know what it is. I have watched friends go from resonable, honest, passionate individuals to power hungry, egotistical clowns. Here is other of those websites I always wanted to put together.

Spinsanity was founded in April 2001 by Ben Fritz, Bryan Keefer, and Brendan Nyhan, three recent college graduates who were distressed at the growing dominance of spin in American politics and determined to do something about it. The trio started Spinsanity as a nonpartisan watchdog dedicated to unspinning misleading claims from politicians, pundits and the press.

Let me know if you think this one is "fair and balanced", I haven't looked through the whole thing yet.

Spin here.

Here's another place www.factcheck.org.

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