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Here and Now : Jonathan Katz Lives and Laughs with MS

Jonathan Katz' life has been a real barrel of laughs. A Boston-based stand up comic, he contributed to Comedy Central's early success with the wildly popular "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist," the animated shrink to the comic stars such as Katherine O'Hara.

Jonathan Katz is also a songwriter, and a compilation of his tunes is called "Easy Listening...but Not That Easy." He co-wrote "House of Games" with David Mamet, appeared as an actor in "Daddy Day Care" and authored a book titled "To Do Lists of the Dead."

Jonathan Katz was diagnosed in 1997 with Multiple Sclorosis. Jonathan Katz joins us in the studio to talk about keeping your wits about you, and being witty, when you're diagnosed with a debilitating disease.

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thanks for pay attention to me
i have a MS about 5 years and i am using interferon b1 about 1 years ago until now .but i have a too much problem in my leg and i can not walking good and after 10 min. i must be sit and be rest .i am techer and from iran-esfahan .
i am 27 years old and i am teacher .
pls. help or guide me how can i do with this problem and there is too much stress condition in my country .
maybe i must be die with this coundition .
i am married about 2 years ago and i am waiting for a big problem about my life .
sorry too much sorry becuse i live a country without law and freedom with to much bed coundition .
i am sorry for this text.
but i am unhappy and sad .
with kinds regard
&be3st wish for you

Posted by: mrs.marjan AHRAFI MOGHDAM at Jun 24, 2006 11:39:22 PM