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Montel's Suicide Attempts

Talk show host and motivational speaker Montel Williams says he nearly committed suicide after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. In his new book, "Climbing Higher," Williams says he wanted to die before the disease got worse. He loaded a .357 magnum and sat in his closet, spinning the barrel, hoping it would go off accidentally so his kids could collect on his insurance, according to an excerpt in the New York Post. He says he spent 45 minutes trying to get the gun to go off, to no avail.

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Thanks for your comments, I'm not sure Montel ever checks this site though.
Good Luck

Posted by: Me at Mar 23, 2004 8:34:29 AM

Hello Montel,
These days I hear and I follow everything you say on CNN or on your talk show my dear Montel I just want to tell you that you are not ALONE having this deases!!! please forgive my righting mistakes 'cause English is not my first language!! When I knew that you suffer also from MS like me and on the top of it guess what we take the same medication I inject myself everyday of COPAXONE and I am also black like you I'm originatly from Ethiopia living in Toronto Canada since 1999. I always heard that MS is not common in the black society hey!! you are and I am !!! I know another girl who is from my country who has it but she has hard time walking it's kind of severe on her. When I see people who have MS who have hard time walking this is when I realise that next to them thanks God I'm ok. Like you Montel nobody could tell that I suffer from a deases physically I'm doing fine SO FAR. Needless to tell you how I suffer from from some kind of discreamination specially in my culture people from my country love to pity and this is not what I need but just understanding.Pityness is not what I'm looking for. To avoid that I keep on lying most of the time. And guess what I even get sometimes upset with my own parents who are back back home deniying this instead of ACCEPTING it AND MOVE ON !!! This is why I'm not planning to go back home at all 'cause the medication costs so much that I can't afford that unfortunatly thanks to Canada at least Copaxone is here. Montel you know that you the luckyest ever 'cause I'm 32 years old at least you have children and a wife I presume lucky you !!!! I have just started a life with MS isn't that hard ? I'm by myself looking for a job and of course lying about my MS if not nobody would give me a normal job so imagine me lying all the time???? Finding a job without STRESS is pretty much impossible because you khow how sensetive we are with STRESS.I also did a tentative of suicide four years ago!! At that time accepting that was so hard on the top I came in Canada after I finished my studies in France. I spent all those years studying to finally find out that I have MS "as if it was a diploma for life!!" Actually this was the reason for me to commit suicide what can you do?? Horrible!!!!! But thanks to the health care of Canada I had to go in the Intensive Care so that they could wash all the product I took to "erase" myself from this world !!!!Well guess what by doing this kind of mistake I find out that it's not me who decide that! It wasn't my turn!!! I think that I couldn't find "the right number" to get there nobody called me!! After my mistake I went back home to have Holly water in the churches and apologise for the mistake I did this is a sin!! I hope you know that Ethiopia is a very religious country and when I came back to Toronto even my Neurologist couldn't believe the change and was asking me what kind of medication I took to be back with that change!!! I told him that it's a FREE one from my Orthodox faith !!!! He couldn't believe it. He was doing everything to convince me to take my Copaxone no matter what!!!!!! Because you know how it's vicious this deasese !!! I think by now you figured out that I think in French this why my English is not perfect sorry for the mistakes again!!
Hope to hear from you and take care I know I even have so much problem with depression. So please hung in there Montel.

Posted by: Sarah at Mar 17, 2004 11:45:51 AM