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Treatment Options Expand For Patients With Neuropathic Pain

Now if my neurologist could only read.

Treatment options for people who suffer from severe pain caused by damage to nerves have expanded dramatically in just the past five years, say scientists and physicians who have published the first-ever guidelines for treating such pain. The guidelines for treating neuropathic pain appear in the November issue of the Archives of Neurology.

Though we may not appreciate it, much of the pain we feel every day is normal and healthy. The intense pain we feel after putting a hand on a hot stove, for instance, tells you that you're doing damage to your body and to move your hand immediately. But neuropathic pain serves no useful purpose – it's the result of damage to nerves that transmit pain signals. And so the nerves send errant, unnecessary pain signals that can put a person in constant, pointless, agonizing pain.

Feel the pain here.

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