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Biogen Earnings Rise on Higher Drug Sales

"Biogen Inc. (Nasdaq:BGEN - news) said on Tuesday third-quarter earnings rose 31 percent, exceeding analysts' expectations, on increased sales of its multiple sclerosis drug, Avonex."

""Avonex sales worldwide are much better than expected, which will definitely give a psychological lift to Wall Street as Biogen prepares to complete its merger with Idec," said Jennifer Chao, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets."

Can't wait until the article reads "Avonex sales worldwide plummeted when a simple, inexpensive cure for MS was discovered. It caught the market off guard, " said Jennifer Tao, an analyst at ABC&R Capital Markets.

Read it here.

I curious to see what happens to sales of Avonex next quarter. The new prefilled syringe makes me and many others sick.

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