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Read the guidebook!

When Jane and I were preparing for our trip to Africa we got a chuckle out of a comment that you should never sleep with your head, hands or feet outside the tent, if you did, the guidebook said, the hyenas would get you. Apparently these guys didn't read the same guidebook.

October 29
"TWO tourists have been attacked by a hyena at the Sesriem camp near Sossusvlei in the Namib desert, bringing the number of attacks in the past month to four.
The most recent attacks took place early this week and during the night.
The tourists were bitten in the face while sleeping outside or in a tent."

Read it here.

October 31
"Speaking to The Namibian at Swakopmund, Du Plessis said: "I went to sleep around 23h45. It was about 45 minutes later when I woke up feeling someone had just hit me over the head. I sat up and felt blood all over my face".
He always sleeps outside."

Read it here.

and finally

The four people who were attacked were all bitten in the face while sleeping at night.
Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), Malan Lindeque, told The Namibian yesterday the hyena had been "destroyed".

Read it here.

Only in Africa can you have the job as Permanent Secretary. If only those guys had read our book the hyena would still be alive.

The picture of Jane and I in front of Dune 45 taken 45 miles from the site of these "attacks". We camped at the Sesriem camp, the most dangerous thing we saw there were tourists.

Go here to learn more about Hyenas.

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