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Medical marijuana's side effect: fear

With it's legality questionable one of the biggest side effects of using medical marijuana appears to be fear of getting busted.

Read some stories here.

Possession of marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and Holland fears constantly that the Drug Enforcement Administration will knock on her door. Dr. Andrea Barthwell, deputy director for demand reduction at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, rejects the term "medical marijuana," instead calling it "medical excuse marijuana." She says those who push for laws like Maryland's are "feeding off the pain and suffering of people" in pursuit of their real goal: complete legalization of marijuana.

"There's no basis in medical [knowledge] for taking a crude plant material and providing it as medicine," she said. "It has not passed the test of having medicinal value. ... You've created a system where a skinned knee and a tennis elbow will be presented in a court of law to explain marijuana use."

Maybe that's changing.

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Andrea Rarthwell is an extreme right wing facist. I mean how can anyone just denounce a viable treatment like marijuana as an excuse to have the prohabition of marijuana lifted. If our fore-fathers could see this debate, they'd be rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. How can anyone cry wolf as loud as her after all the good that has come from material made from hemp. I have another scenerio for you, Ms. Barthwell. How many times have you heard of a man going to the bar with his buddies and getting liquored up. Then going home and beating the crap out of his wife and kids? How many times have you heard of a couple going out bar hopping and then driving into a brick wall, or better yet a family of five, or your daughters church group on their way back from a function? You hear it plenty. Now ask yourself when was the last time a man smoked a blunt with buddies and beat up his wife? You haven't madam deputy director. Pot smokers are mostly peaceful people. If more people smoked pot this world would be a better place to live in.

Posted by: Matt at Jul 15, 2006 10:20:45 AM