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Move Over Road Rage--Here Comes Spam Rage

Looks like Charles did what we only dream about:

A 44-year-old Silicon Valley programmer has been charged with threatening to maim and even kill employees of a Canadian Internet-advertising agency that he believed had repeatedly sent him spam.

Empathize here.

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Comedy Central to Air Pryor Special

"It's not a B.S. didn't-he-USED-to-be-great tribute. It's a funny (expletive) show. I may have MS, but I ain't dead yet, (expletive)," Pryor said in a statement Tuesday.

$#%$# it here.

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TOXIC FISH ALERT / Survey finds mercury in 4 species at markets in Bay Area

Mecury is one of those many things that get blamed for causing MS. I just had a great halibut/ginger/lime/orange dish tonight. Looks like I made a good choice. Here's a picture of the one I ate.

Alaskan halibut was the only fish tested that did not exceed the EPA weekly safety level for a 120-pound person. A six-ounce piece contained, on average, 23.2 micrograms of mercury, the tests found. At that level, -pound person could safely consume about 9 ounces of halibut a week.

Read about your fish meal here

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'Opus' Comic Strip Debuts in Newspapers

About time:

Opus is back waddling across the comics pages not because funnies fans need him but because his creator, Berkeley Breathed, thinks the penguin needs "finishing."

Read more here.

Take another peek at Opus here, here and here.

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Accessible Travel

A good list of resources for accessible travel here. Includes travel tips, agencies, country resources and much more.

Get going!

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My first review!

multiplesclerosissucks.com calls Diagnose and Adios "An incredibly cool site"!

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Beluga whales are chock full of protein and vitamins

I know of one Yupik Eskimo with MS and she went through hell getting diagnosed 'cause "Eskimos don't get MS". I wonder, as traditional diets high in vitamin D are replaced by western diets if we will begin to see more MS among our Northern Native people.

"To me, it gets me more healthy," said Allen Atchak Sr., a whaling captain from Stebbins who feeds his family of seven children lots of beluga meat and muktuk. "I don't ever get sick. I don't ever get bad colds. I think it's medicine."

I've eaten whale and seal and it doesn't tast like chicken!
Taste it here.

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Forget crafts and sewing: Girl Scouts in Alaska trap and skin beavers

Let other Girl Scouts make bird feeders out of Clorox bottles and glue together little birch-bark canoes - Troop 34 in Alaska is learning to trap and skin beavers.

We do things differently in Fairbanks. Skin 'em here.

Maybe the girls could send Richard Pryor a hat.

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Author speaks of 'MS scandal'

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has spoken of the pain of losing her mother to multiple sclerosis (MS) and her anger at what she sees is a lack of care for sufferers in Scotland.

Read more from the BBC here and here.

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Funny Times Cartoon Of The Week

Check this out every week, then subscribe. Funny newspaper!

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