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Company Summaries

I added a company summaries list to the website. These are companies who create MS related drugs. One way to keep up on current research and information on drugs is to follow the money, eh company that manufactures drugs.

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Self reported stressful life events and exacerbations in multiple sclerosis: prospective study

Report studies the relation between self reported stressful life events not related to multiple sclerosis and the occurrence of exacerbations in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
From the British Medical Journal , read it here.

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Teri Garr Discusses Her MS for the First Time

Transcript from interview with Larry King.

Read it here.

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Kelly Sutton - NASCAR Driver

"With racing in her blood and the checkered flag in view, Kelly is the picture of inspiration for fans across the country. Kelly, a third generation driver, travels the racing circuit with one goal in mind — to make the wheels spin.

But she measures her racing success not only by where she places in the race, but also by how her story affects others. Her story is special: Kelly is also the first person known to race in any NASCAR series with a confirmed diagnosis of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) — a chronic, though treatable, neurological disease."

Visit her website here.

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Weakened by multiple sclerosis, student gets his degree

When Fernando Chaves was handed his diploma Tuesday, his reaction was understated: A simple smile.
Read the Miami Herald article.

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Ann Romney tackles multiple sclerosis head-on

Ann Romney, wife of Massachusetts Governer Mitt Romney.
Read the Boston Globe article

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